What is a Physical Therapist and How Can They Help Me?

A Physical Therapist is a licensed healthcare professional who examines and evaluates a patient's musculoskeletal condition. After evaluation by our Physical Therapist, patients will receive a personalized plan for treatment and a one-on-one administering of that treatment regimen to address their symptoms and condition and promote optimal overall health.

Physical Therapists work with the patient to relieve pain, improve the body's movement and function, maintain cardiopulmonary function, restore, maintain, and promote optimal physical function, and limit debilitating effects resulting from injury, degeneration, or disease. 

Physical Therapists take your health history, observe your posture and movement, evaluate your injury, and develop a personalized plan for care. Through the strengthening and re-education of the musculoskeletal system, treatment yields an improvement in flexibility, coordination, and enhancement of healing responses.

Treatment may include, but is not limited to, the following:

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