Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

Back and neck pain, and even pain elsewhere, can stem from issues related to the dysfunctional vertebral discs of the spinal column. If these discs don't receive sufficient nourishment and fluid they can weaken, bulge, and/or tear, resulting in decreased disc space, instability, misalignment, nerve compromise and compression, and pain. The resulting symptoms and syndromes are referred to as disc compression.

Dr. Foglia specializes in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression protocol, which decompresses the affected lumbar (back) or cervical (neck) discs in the spinal column and helps to relieve discogenic compromises and pain syndromes by enhancing disc hydration and nourishment, allowing for better spacing of the spinal nerves, and increasing the ability for gravitational loading on the spine. Dr. Foglia has been using this equipment for many years and has seen extraordinary results in reducing the severe and debilitating pain of many patients. 

Our State of the Art Equipment

Island Rehabilitation Chiropractic P.C. has been using DRX9000C non-surgical axial decompression technique since its appearance in Suffolk County many years ago. With this protocol, patients receive an individualized treatment program based on their personal structural stability and discogenic health.

The cumulative and lasting effects of the recommended program of spinal decompression treatments promotes disc rehydration, improves the body's ability to better handle functional tasks, and eases the activities associated with daily living. For more information about what spinal decompression is and how it can help you watch the video below or contact us.

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