Homeopathic Treatment for Acute and Chronic Conditions

Homeopathic Therapy is the practice of reestablishing our bodies natural healing response by using low potency molecular dilutions of substances that the body can already and easily recognize while in the impaired state. This form of therapy is based off the idea that "like heals like" and that something similar to the area of distress in the body but lesser in potency can promote a healing response from the body itself. 

Dr. Foglia is trained and skilled in providing homeopathic care to patients with both acute and chronic conditions. It can be helpful in treating allergies, pain responses, asthma, and more. He uses these treatments to optimize the body's natural ability to heal itself.

This alternative to the more standard pharmacological approach has proven to produce lasting positive effects in patients who have previously suffered. For more information about homeopathic treatment and how it can work for you watch the video below or contact us.

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