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TMJ (Pain in the Jaw)

Is Your TMJ Giving You More Than Just a Pain in the Jaw?


    TMJ in itself is not a condition.  It’s the name of a joint—the Temporo-Mandibular-Joint.  TMJ dysfunction simply means one or both of your TM joints are not functioning properly.  If you've tried various treatments for your TMJ problems, but have not had success... this may be the most important article you'll ever read.

    Here's why: 

    For many people, the treatment has involved dentists and oral surgeons.  However there is a critical aspect of the TMJ that may frequently be overlooked.  Perhaps this has been the case for you.  There are some vital facts for you to learn.

    The TMJ is a “ball and socket” joint.  It also has a cushioning disc called a meniscus.  The meniscus of the TMJ can be victimized by uneven wear and tear just like any joint of the body.  This may result in deterioration of the ball and socket joint.  If this meniscus disc wears down, it doesn’t provide its cushioning effect as well.  Grinding sounds known as crepitus can be the result.

    The TMJ is one of the simplest joints in the human body.  It is however, subjected to the very complex muscular forces of chewing. TMJ dysfunction can result in jaw and face pain, headaches and neck pain, as well as difficulty opening and closing one’s mouth.  

    How is the neck involved? 

    Keep in mind that the TMJ is NOT a dental structure.  It is not a tooth; it is a joint.  While specialized dentists have much expertise in the subject of TMJ diagnosis and treatment; there is much more to the story.  

    Anatomically, the TMJ is intimately related to the neck.  The upper neck is the jaw joint’s close neighbor.  This means that problems with neck can affect the TMJ, and vice versa.  When there is mechanical malfunction and structural imbalance of the TMJ, our brain tries to compensate for the problem.  Muscles of the  neck, face and jaw will contract in an attempt to re-align the TMJ.

    Muscle contraction requires ENERGY.  That’s why a TMJ condition can result in muscle fatigue in the neck, shoulders and back.  Yes… a TMJ problem can cause pain and fatigue throughout the body, as can a problem with its “good neighbor” the neck. 

     TMJ dysfunction, with accompanying joint misalignment can affect the ears too.  It can create pressure on the tympanic bone, which separates the ear canal from the TMJ.  There are also ligaments, nerves and arteries involved.   Irritation or interference to these and other local structures can give rise to ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness or vertigo, increased or decreased sensitivity to sound, pain in the tongue and other symptoms.

      Diagnosis and Treatment

      Evaluation of TMJ can indeed require various medical disciplines.  Medical and dental history and examination is appropriate.  This can include ear, nose and throat specialists, orthodontists, chiropractors and neurologists as well.   X-ray and MRI are frequently utilized to determine structural problems and to rule out pathology (tumors, growths, etc.).  Jaw “tracking” or range of motion examination is essential.  Postural examination is a must, and in my opinion, one of the most important and overlooked evaluations is the:

    TMJ and Neck Evaluation
    There are tons of websites about TMJ.  You can spend hours reading through them.  Perhaps you have already.  Most of them are from dentists.   No disrespect to that fine profession, but the teeth are not always the cause.  In fact, it’s important to remind you again that…

    The TMJ is a JOINT.

      It’s not a tooth!  It even has a disc (just like in the spine).  Dr. Christopher Foglia has had the experience of many years to be quite certain that the teeth are NOT the primary cause of a significant percentage of TMJ problems. 

    Dysfunction in upper neck and the Temporomandibular joint together are the cause in a great many cases of jaw and face pain, headaches, popping noises and other related symptoms.

        Dr. Foglia's TMJ Treatment Approach

    Dr. Foglia utilizes several technologies to get optimum results: 

    Dr. Foglia focuses on alignment and proper mechanics of the bones of the neck with hands-on chiropractic adjustments.  It is one of his procedures of choice for people with TMJ trouble—particularly those who also suffer headaches.  It is one of his “secrets” since few doctors ever consider looking at the neck in a case of TMJ trouble.   

    Cold Laser Therapy is an amazing treatment, which assists me in the treatment of a wide variety of ailments such as headaches, shoulderwrist and knee problems, etc.  Skillfully applied to both the TMJ area and the neck, relief can be incredible.  (Click HERE to Learn All About Cold Laser Therapy)  

    TMJ Alignment.  Dr. Foglia stimulates normal movement and lubrication in the jaw joints by hand or specialized instrument.  

    Dr. Folgia's research and experience with the subject of TMJ has drawn him to the conclusion that most doctors simply do not consider all of its possible causes.  It seems that the majority of cases are classified as dental cases.  And of course, many of them are.  But since you’re reading this article, you’ve probably gone the dental route already… and it wasn’t the treatment for you.  

    Although Dr. Foglia is not a dentist, he will refer you for dental evaluation if you have not already had it.  His approach has to do with two primary areas of the body: the neck and the synchronization of movement in both jaw joints.

    The Reason WHY Dr. Foglia's TMJ Treatment Works…

    It works because it’s not only focused on the teeth.  It works because it’s not only focused on correcting the mechanical problems of the TMJ itself…but also its neighboring structures.  Your neck is intimately related to the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ).  And it turns out that many TMJ patients have an underlying neck problem too.

Perhaps YOU can be another one of the fortunate people who…  

              No Longer Suffer from horrible jaw pain  

             Are NOW able to eat whatever they want  

    Can NOW open their mouth free of pain and/or cracking, popping or 
         grinding sounds 

      Didn’t risk surgery they were told they “had to” have  

       Don’t have to worry about wasting the rest of your life tortured with 
        TMJ pain

    Wouldn't it be awesome to get rid of your TMJ problems...and to be able to live a healthy, energetic, normal, happy life again, without having your jaw pain, headaches etc., holding you back and annoying you all the time?  

    If you that your TMJ problems are worth ending, give Dr. Foglia a call today! 

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